Special workshop: Critical issues in European and national media and communications policy

A special workshop on ‘Critical issues in European and national media and communications policy: contours of a new paradigm?’ will be held on 8 November 2013, sponsored by the The Finnish Institute in London and organised by the Media Policy and Industry Group, Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI), Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Westminster and the Research group ‘Facing the Coordination Challenge: Problems, Policies and Politics of Media and Communication Regulation’ (FACE), Communication Research Center (CRC), Department of Social Research, University of Helsinki.

Draft programme

 11:00: Opening words

  • Jeanette Steemers, CAMRI
  • Hannu Nieminen, FACE
  • Antti Halonen, Finnish Insitute in London

 11:15: First session. General review of EU’s recent policies and policy initiatives in media and communications

  • Hannu Nieminen: When the national meets the European: new tensions in European media policy and regulation
  • Steven Barnett: Europe and media plurality: sound and fury signifying nothing?
  • Marko Ala-Fossi: Broadcasting in the Post-Broadcast Era: Transitions of Policy and Technology
  • Maria Michalis: Overview of recent EU policy developments in telecommunications/e-communication: Has there been a paradigm change?
  • Daniel Trottier: Digital media monitoring: from Facebook stalking to Edward Snowden

12:45 Lunch break

13:30: Second session. Special issues: policies and policy initiatives in regulating the infrastructure

  • Jeanette Steemers: Transformations in Television Distribution: The Space between Production and Consumption
  • Adriana Mutu: Modulating the media: institutional patterns of broadcasting regulation in 47 European democracies
  • Peter Goodwin: The politics of BBC governance
  • Alessandro D’Arma: Public service broadcasting and the crisis of legitimacy: the Italian case
  • Maria Michalis: Net neutrality: how well can the EU balance different sets of rights?
  • Jockum Hildén: EU without digital borders

15:00: Coffee break

15:30: Third session. Special issues: policies and policy initiatives in content regulation

  • Kari Karppinen: Regulation of media pluralism
  • Steve Barnett: UK press regulation in the post-Leveson era
  • Katja Lehtisaari: Newspaper journalism in the converged environment
  • Jeanette Steemers: Protection of minors: regulating children?
  • Anette Alén-Savikko: Digital Copyright as Policy
  • Johanna Jääsaari: Copyright and users’ rights

17:00: Concluding session. Mapping areas for further research and potential themes for cooperation 

About this workshop

The main purpose of the workshop is to promote critical discussion on the issues concerning European and national media policies. The participants will address these issues in the form of short presentations, allowing ample time for common debate.

For further information, please contact:

  • Prof. Jeanette Steemers, CAMRI, University of Westminster  (email)
  • Prof. Hannu Nieminen, FACE, University of Helsinki (email)

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